Architecture is very important both from a functional point of view and from an aesthetic point of view. Our builders architect work to create homes that meet our clients’ needs. They design the floor plans and spaces, as well as the exteriors. In addition, they select materials and constructive solutions. The starting point in this area are your initial requirements, so we’ll ask you to do your part by contributing with ideas and preferences, in order to have something to work on.

What does an architect do

There’s a big range of jobs an architect does in a construction project. The architect will take responsibility of everything that is being developed, both in terms of design and constructive approaches.

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It’s the initial sketch on which everything will be built. It will try to capture your requirements and will be the basis on which we’ll work to reach the ideal design.

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This will be used to initiate the procedures for the construction license at the city council. It contains the broad information of what it is intended to do.

project architecture

Executive Project

We will need this one in order to start the works once the license is granted. The executive project has all the necessary information to fully develop the project.

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On Site Controls

Regular visits to the work to ensure that everything is being developed as intended. This visits will also help the construction company solve their doubts and questions.

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Health and Safety

The architecture team will ensure the health and safety conditions in the site so that everything complies with the regulations. We will do all we can to avoid accidents.

quality control architecture

Quality Control

Our associate architects will also be in charge of performing quality controls. The objective is that everything meets the PROBUILD quality standards.

certificate of occupancy

Required Documents

Architects will also develop all documents required by public administration such as: the certificate of occupancy, the energy certificate, among any other needed.

technical architect on Majorca

Request for Reports

In the event that essays or reports from Technical Control Offices are needed, the project architect will be responsible for preparing the necessary documentation.

Architects, oh! those artists…

Architecture projects are works of art, each architect reflects his/her style in their projects. That is why we rely on many different local architects. That way we can have the right style for each client.

There are lots of architecture studios in Mallorca, some of them being futurists, some others using minimal architecture as their signature and others basing their work on the traditional mallorquin style.

From all of them, at PROBUILD we collaborate only with those who are committed to our exclusive quality standards, independent of their style.

Thus, we can confirm that we will be able to develop the project you have dreamed, developed with the PROBUILD quality seal, and brought to you at a competitive rate.

Architects for renovation projects, are they needed?

When starting a construction project in Mallorca, you will not always need an architect for any type of work you want to do.

Architects are needed when an official project is required in order for the license to be granted, and this is not always this way. For example, in apartment renovations where only superficial works have to be done to make it shine again you won’t need a project, hence you won’t need to hire an architect.

We are fully prepared to assist you on all this type of questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us in case this is not clear. We will give you some advice, free and with no obligation.

How much is a house project?

Well, it depends! Architect fees depend on many factors such as: type of project you are interested in, the architect you want for your project, how quick you want it to be finalized, etc.

Luckily, our expertise in this field will make us help you select the best architecture firm in our portfolio that will suit the best your needs. We work with many different English speaking architects in Mallorca, each of them applying different rates, each of them with their style.

Use the contact form below, get in touch with us and let’s discuss which of them is the most appropriate for your project.

Is there anything else you need to know?

Please, let us know if there’s anything else you need to know before we get your project started. At PROBUILD we take our trust relationship with our clients very seriously, we want you to have confidence in the success of the project.

Contact us, get your project started today.