CEO Presentation

Many people have been involved in some construction project throughout their lives. Of everyone I know, almost all of them agree that this type of project needs someone to be organized, insistent, demanding and, above all, done with a lot of patience.

In addition, most of them are clear about something: It’s impossible that it’s going to cost you what you thought at the beginning and that it will be finished by the estimated day.

Thus, everyone agrees that a great deal of coordination is needed between the parties involved and that, even so, there are often unforeseen events and extra items that result in delays and increases in the initial budget.

The coordination of all the parties involved in a work must be something carried out by a professional, someone who has the technical knowledge and the sufficient authority to require a third party to meet the expectations, either in terms of quality, delivery and/or price.

In addition, this professional need that all parties involved are trusted companies, people with whom he/she has worked before. Only this way it’s possible to achieve the required commitment.

We, thanks to the agreements that we have established with our associated companies, obtain preferential agreements that allow us to meet our deadlines and budgets. Budgets that, on the other hand, are adjusted to market values, where the price of the project management does not appear, because it is implicit in the execution prices.

Our goal is to be your only point of contact, that from the day you enter our office with your project idea, you don’t have to talk to anyone but ourselves, and that your home is delivered in perfect conditions, all carried out during a process in which we’ll be proactively informing you, keeping you up to date with the progress, and getting you involved in the decisions that need your intervention. Always knowing how things are going versus the initial budget and plan.

Many people fear that a service like this represents a large increase in the budget for the execution of works. What they don’t know is that low startup budgets end up being bottomless pits based on extras and items that hadn’t been considered at first.

I encourage you, if you have a project in mind, to request a personalized study, free and without obligation, so that our team can explain everything you should take into account before starting it.

I hope we can complete many projects together.

Yours sincerely,

Francesc Orfi, PROBUILD ceo

Francesc Orfi Zanoguera


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