Complementary Services

Apart from the services directly related to the construction process, we also offer complementary services that have a lot to do with your relationship with your new home in Mallorca.

maintenance services


We offer a full range of maintenance services. These services allow you to stay calm, knowing that everything will work when needed.

legal advisors in mallorca

Legal Advice

The most especialised english speaking lawyers in Mallorca will take care of all the legal aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

financing for real estate projects


We can help you get your mortgage for your new property in Spain, among some other financing products.

home insurances


You might need a house insurance for your new home in Spain. We work with agents who will provide you with the best services.

home alarms


Get your house protected with the best alarm system. Based on your needs we will select the best alarm provider on the island.

home moving service


We have a moving service that will bring all your things to your new home in Mallorca. We cover a great range of services.

You didn’t find the service you were looking for? You can contact us. We, at PROBUILD, work with a wide provider network which will make you get what you need.

Contact us, get your project started today.