There are several times when it’s necessary to have an alarm. Find out about the products we offer, and keep your property protected.

One Alarm for every scenario

Our alarm providers will help you choose the correct product for you.

construction site alarms

It will allow you to keep the work under control. There are times when high value materials are brought to work. These materials are usually poorly protected, since the work doesn’t have yet the final enclosures. Therefore, it’s advisable to protect the worksite, and one of the options is an alarm that can be used to warn the police.

home alarms

Normal Alarms

It allows you to be calm, being able to activate the alarm in several areas, so that the entire house is covered in your absence, and also being able to cover the exterior areas when you are at home.

alarms at home

Prolonged Absences

If your home doesn’t have an alarm and you are planning a long-term trip, you will still be interested to know that it’s possible to hire an alarm for the period you’ll be out. That will allow you to stay calm and enjoy your trip.

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