We work with insurance providers that can offer you the best conditions, and they will advise on the insurance that best fits your project, as well as every mandatory insurance you might need. It is important to be able to rest easy knowing that you have insurance that covers your project.

Our Insurance Products

From the beginning of the construction works until the end of them, even once they are finished and the useful life of the building starts. You’ll always be better protected with an insurance policy which covers you in case of unforeseen events.

liability insurances for construction

It’s the insurance that covers the damages that, due to the development of the works, are done to third parties. It’s a relevant insurance since it allows you to be calm in case of accidents occurring in the workplace.

ten-year insurance for construction projects

Ten Year Insurance

The Building Planning Law forces the developer to offer 10-year warranty for the property. Whether the house is for your enjoyment, or if it’s for sale, it’s recommended to carry out this insurance, which will allow you to offer the guarantee without you having to worry about anything. It’s important that you keep in mind that this must be requested at the beginning of the construction work.

construction insurance

Construction Insurance

This insurance covers everything that happens in a construction site. Thus, material damage, vandalism, theft, etc. Everything will be covered.

home insurances

Home Insurance

Once the works are finished, this insurance will be available for you. This one will allow you to have your house insured against certain unforeseen events that may occur. Our team of insurance agents can help you find the product that better fits your needs.

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