Legal Advice

Whether you are developing your own home, or if you are building a house to sell, or even if you are coming from abroad and want to buy or build a house in Mallorca, you’ll be interested to know that there are certain legal aspects that you should take into account.

Legal Advisement Services

The following are the services we offer to our clients in terms of legal advisory. We encourage you to contact us in case you need any other service not listed below.

insurance for construction project

There are certain insurances that are necessary to have when building a home, especially if it’s to sell. Both our team of lawyers and our insurance partners are trained to offer you the best advice so that you consider all the insurances that are available to you.

legal permits to start a construction project

Legal Permits

There are certain legal documents to take into account both before starting a work, as well as once it’s finished: Certificate of occupancy, work permit, deeds, etc. Don’t worry, our team of specialists will help you in all the legal aspects that you should consider regarding your new home.

conflicts in a construction process


Sometimes, in a construction process, conflicts appear with other parties: neighbors, suppliers, etc. Our team of lawyers is on your side. They will advise you if at any time there’s any problem in this regard.

taxation for construction projects

There are certain fiscal aspects that you should consider when building or renovating a house. We’re prepared to recommend the best option for you.

Is there anything else you need to know?

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