Construction Company in Mallorca

What makes a good construction company?

For us, the main thing that must be guaranteed is that the work is done well, on time and within the agreed price. And this is achieved with a team that is committed to the final result of the project.

We stand up for all our industrialists and all our subcontractors. And we manage and coordinate them. Everything so that the work flows as efficiently as possible.

The result?

A serious construction company, capable of delivering finishes of the highest standards and always respecting the deadline and the price.

One Construction Company for any kind of Project

We will help you with any kind of construction project you may need. We will form the perfect team for every situation.

construction company for new buildings in mallorca

New Development

These are the most straight-forward projects we can work on. From the fundamentals to the last and smallest detail confirming it’s finished, we’ll take care of the full process.

company of integral reforms in palma de mallorca

The renovation of a home is work of art, you need to be in very good hands to manage to get the most you can from an old house, always within plan and budget, and keeping part of the history in that house.

company for the reform of commercial premises in mallorca


When starting a new business, one of the most important things you need to take care of are the facilities where it will be located. We have the perfect team to help you succeed on that.

Construction Works

We work with a huge network of builders and workers, each of them specialised in their specific areas. We take full responsibility of what they will develop. This is how you’ll get the job done with high-quality standards, executed within plan and budget.

builders and construction companies in mallorca


They will be the main contractors. Their main mission is to facilitate the space so that each specialist can develop their part in a construction. We carefully select them.

plumbers and plumbing companies in palma de mallorca


From the beginning we will involve the plumbers in order to ensure we have water service where needed. The best plumbers in Mallorca collaborate with PROBUILD.

electricians in mallorca


Electrical installations are one of the most important in a house as all equipment needs power to operate. This is why we put great effort when selecting our electricians.

installers in mallorca

Other Facilities

Sanitation, air conditioning, gas, fire extinguishers, telecommunications, home automation, swimming pools, etc. We only work with installers that meet our quality requirements

aluminium and pvc carpentry companies in palma de mallorca

Aluminum Joiners

Aluminum Carpentry is crucial for a house if you want to achieve good rates of energy efficiency and safety. We work with aluminum suppliers that offer top quality products.

carpenters and woodworkers in mallorca


From the manufacture and/or installation of doors and windows, to the manufacture of custom furniture. Every construction project needs a carpenter.

blacksmiths in palma de mallorca


Manufacturing and installation of iron and steel elements, tailor-made, prepared to cover any requirement: from stairs, to railings, iron doors, etc.

glassmakers in palma de mallorca


We work with certified glassware stores that guarantee the highest quality glass enclosures for your home. Safety glass, air chamber glass, sound insulated glass, etc.

swimming pools and pool companies in mallorca

Swimming Pool Builders

A well built swimming pool can mean the total success of a project. We perform an exhaustive study of your needs. Our goal is to make your spectacular pool come true.

varnished and lacquered painters and painting companies in mallorca


Paint jobs are the most important in the finishes of a home, so it must be executed with perfection. We work with different types of texture and all kinds of colors.

dry-wall stone walls in mallorca

Stone Workers

We perform stoneworks on facades and enclosures. Stone is an element widely used in typical Mallorcan architecture and can be the element that makes the difference.

kitchen furniture in mallorca

Kitchen Makers

We work with artisan kitchen suppliers. Workshops that are able to bring to reality the design that we, from our interior design studio, deliver to you.

sanitary ware and taps in mallorca

Bathroom Providers

A bathroom refurbishment can give a complete new look to your home. Tiles, toilets, furniture, shower or a bathtub, or both. We are here to help you decide.

printed concrete and parquet flooring in mallorca

Flooring Specialists

We will select the best professional depending on the floor you want: made in place, hydraulic tiles, ceramic tiles, wood, laminate, etc. We work with all of market options.

gardening companies and gardeners in mallorca


We’ll develop a study of gardening and landscaping. Once it’s done, our professionals will carry out any type of gardening work: grass, aromatic plants, flowers, fruit trees, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is the construction of a house?

Prices in construction depend on many factors. Prices are not the same for new developments as for renovations. It’s not the same if a demolition has to be performed before starting.

Even depending on the contractors we need to hire for your project, the price will be one or another.

However, you’re in good luck as we include a preliminary study of each specific case to any client requesting it. A study which will give you an approximate amount of what you can expect. Use the contact form below or call us to get your project started.

How long will it take to build a house?

Before starting building a new house, one of the most important things you need to bear in mind is that you’ll need to request a license to the town hall in order to get the work started. This can take some time as, first of all the project has to be done, and once it’s delivered, waiting lists last up to 1 year for some places in Mallorca.

Once everything is ready to start, the construction time will depend on the characteristics of the building. We can finalize the works in 6 months in some cases, and we might need more than 1,5 years in some others.

Our agreements with powerful construction companies on the island will enable us to meet the most demanding deadlines.

Again, use our contact form below to get an estimation on how long it would take for you to get your new home done, including all of the procedures you need to go through.

Do you really need English builders?

Our goal is to be your single point of contact during the whole project life-cycle. We want to be your unique intermediary so you know who you need to go when there’s anything that concerns you.

This is why we don’t think it’s important for you to hire only British builders as our proficient level of English will let us communicate and get things done the way you like.

What about bioconstruction?

There is no need to specify this service as it is included in all of our projects. We will always look after the environment when trying to find the perfect solution to your project. We will always take preference for options reducing energy consumption and waste, and making use of renewable resources anytime it’s possible.

Is there anything else you need to know?

Please, let us know if there’s anything else you need to know before we get your project started. At PROBUILD we take our trust relationship with our clients very seriously, we want you to have confidence in the success of the project.

Contact us, get your project started today.