It is very important that the house works, and for this it’s necessary that the facilities are designed to satisfactorily cover the needs of each client. Therefore, our team of engineers will be in charge of developing a facilities project that guarantees comfort and well-being.

Building Facilities Engineers

The main work Engineers will do in a construction project is the facilities project. They will ensure that everything works as expected, so your comfort is guaranteed.

electrical project


Electrical installations must be sized according to the present and future needs of the home. This will cover the power needs at all points where necessary.

home automation

Home Automation

Everything will be allowed to work, if desired, by controllers that can be operated with consoles or mobile applications. We want your home to be as smart as you desire.

telco project


Internet, television (terrestrial and satellite) and phone lines. Even local networks to cover any possible customer needs in terms of communications.

heating project

Air Conditioning

Keeping the home in the desired comfort conditions, but with the lowest possible energy expenditure. All the options will be evaluated, selecting the one fitting the best.

engineering in mallorca


The water network will be designed to cover all customer needs, so that the house has water (hot or cold) at all points where necessary. Also hot water generation will be designed.

engineers of house


Water evacuation installations, both faecal and stormwater, have to be also taken into consideration and carefully designed in order to prevent future issues.

gas project in mallorca


Gas installations for kitchens and boilers will also need to be sized, designing the piping systems, being our team of engineers responsibles for this.

pool filtration

Filtration Systems

Pools can have different filtration systems, such as overflow or skimmers. The engineering team will be in charge of the selection of the most appropriate equipment.

fire protection in mallorca

Fire Protection

In all homes where considered appropriate, security and fire systems may be installed, in order to keep any area safe from possible fires and/or emergencies.

Engineers in commercial facilities

If your project is for a commercial facilities, you will need a license which allows you to open your business to the public. This license may need a project from an enginner or a certificate, where he/she takes responsibility that everything in the facilities has been developed according to the current regulations so this is a secure space to be opened to the customers.

Contact us in order to know the type of procedure you need to take in order to have your commercial facilities opened as soon as possible.

Do I need an Engineer?

You won’t always need an engineer when building a house. Only for really big houses this is a compulsory requirement.

However, in order to guarantee that everything works we recommend you hiring an engineering studio. We work with some of the best prepared engineers in Mallorca, who will be able to fully design a facilities project.

Is there anything else you need to know?

Please, let us know if there’s anything else you need to know before we get your project started. At PROBUILD we take our trust relationship with our clients very seriously, we want you to have confidence in the success of the project.

Contact us, get your project started today.