Interior Design in mallorca

Interior design is the branch of architecture that makes a house feel like home. We work with the best interior designers in Mallorca who will design the spaces to make you feel at home.

In construction, the interior designer is in charge of the colours, the spaces, the light, the furniture, the decoration in general, etc. Don’t leave any of these aspects to chance and you will make your home be the home of your dreams.

The best Interior Design Studio in Mallorca

What can describe the best interior design studio in Mallorca?

The interior designers are the ones who must have the power to turn a space that we have just built or renovated into a place that will amaze everyone, and mainly you.

Our interior design team is able to identify the style you are looking for. And based on it, they work.

We will find the interior designer that best suits your style and make a project that you will really love.

What interiorists will help you with

For us, it is very important that the spaces are given the importance they deserve from the outset, that we know how they should be and what they should look like. This will help us to make a project in which all its parts are perfectly integrated.

We advise you to involve one of our interior designers in your project from the very beginning. They will guide you through everything that is important.

room design by the project's interior designer

Rooms Design

Room layouts, planning the exact furniture pieces, orientation and dimensions. We consider all these aspects to plan minimal designs that will make you fall in love.

selection of tiles and finishes in the project

Selection of Finishes

The finishes in pavement, tiles, plasters, etc., will be in charge of the interior design department. They will make sure each surface looks as it should.

project of lighting with led for house


Home lighting is something we can’t left behind. It’s necessary for a professional to make a lighting project to guarantee the best aesthetic and comfort conditions.

decoration and selection of furniture in mallorca

Furniture Selection

The interior design project will include furniture, being also able to accompanying the client in the final selection of interior furniture, so that the project is always consistent.

home decoration in mallorca

Home Decoration

Everything related to home decoration will be included in the project. This is what will definitely make your home feel like the place of your dreams.

kitchen design studio in mallorca

Kitchen Design

Kitchens are designed by our interiorists and brought to life by the kitchen makers we trust. We do not believe in pre-designed kitchens, we want yours to be unique.

Architecture and Design

Our philosophy is that architects have to work side by side with interior designers and that, therefore, the most wonderful projects arise, where every simple detail is taken into account.

We are convinced that a magical combination emerges when we include a designer in the team. This way, the architectural team can focus on floors, building solutions, etc. while the interior designers focus on the details.

Is there anything else you need to know?

Please, let us know if there’s anything else you need to know before we get your project started. At PROBUILD we take our trust relationship with our clients very seriously, we want you to have confidence in the success of the project.

Contact us, get your project started today.