Project Management in Mallorca

The Project Manager is the figure who will keep the profitability of your real estate development on track.

The Project Management team is the gear that makes everything work, setting the pace and taking control over the project, with the goal of advancing at the expected speed and so that everything is executed according to what has been planned.

They will manage your plan and your budget, and they will be the people you keep in touch with so that everything is done satisfactorily and you don’t waste time looking for responsibilities.

The Project Manager allows the entire construction process to be efficient by applying proven project management methods, which allow us to be as precise as possible when focusing our efforts.

Who would need a Project Manager?

The Project Management service is aimed at all those companies and individuals who need to obtain a return on their construction project and who do not want their day to be spent managing calls, problems and conflicts that naturally arise on a construction site.

project manager for developers and investors in mallorca

Investors and property developers

Investment projects are based on numbers that must be met. We are used to working with the pressure to reach the numbers that make the project profitable.

project manager for business and commercial premises in mallorca

Business and Institutions

Companies that need to build or renovate their real estate assets find in a Project Manager the perfect role to ensure that everything goes according to plan and that the business remains profitable.

project management for single-family houses in mallorca


People who build or renovate a house and do not want to face the harsh reality of managing a project of this size, for which they do not have the appropriate experience.

What tasks does our Project Management team carry out?

There are many tasks that the construction project manager will carry out during the project life cycle. These are only the most important.

The most important thing you need to know is that, whenever you need something related to your project, the project manager will be the person you need to go to, as he or she will be in charge of redirecting any doubts or queries to the right person.

Construction Project Management

Construction project management is one of our specialities. We take care of bringing your project to a successful conclusion. From the moment you look for purchasing opportunities, until the finished work is delivered.

project manager in Mallorca for house renovation

Requirement Analysis

In this phase, the project manager analyzes what’s expected for the project and decides which agents will participate in the preparation of the proposal and in the project itself.

project management of construction in palma de mallorca

Property Search

Our agreements with real estate agencies in Mallorca allow us to opt for very good opportunities. We offer property search services based on your preferences.

construction management projects in mallorca

Project Development

The project manager will lead this part in which other works such as the architecture and interior design projects will be developed. He/she will make sure that the projects meet the client’s needs.

project manager construction in palma de mallorca

RFP and Selection

Once the project has been finished and the measurements broken down, offers will be requested from the necessary professionals in order to find the best option.

project management construction in palma de mallorca

Final Execution Plan

A plan will be agreed with the selected professionals. This will be the actual plan to be developed, used to set deadlines and responsabilities.

the project manager and architect led work to close


Once done, the project manager will go to the workplace with the client to perform the final review. For us, it’s important that you’re happy with the result.

On-site works coordination and monitoring

We take care of the monitoring of construction sites by visiting almost every day to look after your interests. We make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Budget control for construction works

Costs control

We take care of the budgetary control of the work. We keep the budget under control.

Construction works controling Palma

Deadline control

We are obsessed with deadlines. We hold everyone to their deadlines.

Quality control for Construction Project Management

Quality control

Everything will be as it should be if we take care of the quality of what is executed.

Consulting and technical support

In addition, we offer technical support for any needs related to construction projects for construction companies, lawyers, insurance companies, etc.

  • Measurements and budgets
  • Cost studies
  • Site management
  • Site audits
  • Technical support for works and projects
  • Comprehensive advice
  • Health and safety
  • Commercialisation and marketing

Why do you need a Project Manager?

In a construction project, the project manager is the director. He is the one who will always look after your interests.

Whether a new building is being built or a renovation is being carried out, there is a need for very intensive coordination between the parties involved so that everything goes according to plan. There are many suppliers and each of them must be clear about what is expected from their work. Furthermore, they have to be 100% committed to the final outcome of the project.

From the beginning, the construction manager will be by your side, doing the hard work and, at the same time, informing you at all times about everything that is happening.

The Project Manager will be in charge of enforcing deadlines, budget and quality standards, which, on the other hand, are among the strictest in the market.

the three benefits of hiring a project manager at probuild

When the professionals are asked for offers as well as when the work starts, the Project Manager will look for the best price that does not compromise quality or deadlines, and then agree with the builders the final terms of the contract when creating the definitive plan.

Once the work begins, the construction project manager will constantly visit the site, looking at all times for aspects that could block the natural development of the project and acting quickly if any are detected. He or she will also keep track of the materials that are needed, placing the relevant orders when necessary.

When the work is finished, once we have made the final review with you, and provided that no points to improve have been detected, the certificate of receipt will be issued considering the work completed. In the event that any aspect to be improved is detected, a new period will be given in which the defects must be corrected. The project will only be closed when you are absolutely satisfied with the result.

In conclusion, the project manager is the best ally you can have if you want:

  • To build on time
  • Don’t let your work go up in price
  • That the quality of the work is what you expected

There’s so much to be taken into consideration when starting an architectural project. So many factors that are present and tend to make the initial plan fail.

This is why we have created our own construction project management software that will help us keep track of the works, always keeping in mind the plan and the budget, working both for new buildings and for renovations.

We also have very good professionals, who, making use of this app will be able to deliver high-quality projects within plan and budget, much better than any other company offering project management in Mallorca.

The main things this program will help them with are:

  • Budget tracking
  • Issues and questions tracking
  • Blockers alerts
  • Periodic status reports to the owners
  • Alternative paths to the plan
  • And many more

Our methodology

Based on our experience and our understanding of project management in construction, we have developed our methodology. The main objective is to have a framework to guide us through our work and to homogenize the results one can expect from each project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this service very expensive?
It is much more expensive to build without clear budgetary control and without making a real forecast of the total cost of the project before starting. In addition to the problems of delays and quality involved in carrying out a project without someone constantly monitoring the process.
Do I need a Project Manager by law?
No! The figure of the Project Manager is not obligatory in any building or renovation project. However, it is highly recommended for all those people who do not have much experience managing construction projects, or people or organizations that do not have the time to carry out the integral management of a project of these characteristics.
I already have an architect, why do I need a Project Manager?
The architect is part of the Technical Management of the work and is responsible for ensuring that everything is executed as planned. However, it is not the architect’s job to carry out the budgetary or planning control of the project.
Doesn't the rigger do that?
The rigger makes the direction of the work in which the certification for the emission of the invoices and the control of the quality are included. However, the quantity surveyor is a figure who visits the site once a week, so his control will never reach the depth that a Project Manager can reach.

Do you need your investment to be profitable?