The PROBUILD Methodology

At PROBUILD, we take very seriously the planning before starting any project. For us, a well-defined project from the beginning is the basis of our success. That’s why we will always ensure that our process is fulfilled, which is proven, and which takes into account the different stages of a project, with all the agents that must be part of these stages at all times.

It’s also defined what is expected of each of the agents in each of these stages, so that nothing is left to chance.

We have action plans for any unexpected event that may occur during our construction process. You don’t need to worry. Let us handle it, we’ll keep you informed and let you know if anything makes any changes in our initial planification.

These are the 5 steps that will bring you to your new dream home.

Requirements Gathering

The owner is the protagonist at this stage of the project. It’s expected that the idea is clearly defined, to present images and ideas to illustrate what’s in mind.

In addition, the maximum budget and the expected term should be agreed at this stage. You should keep in mind that, when a project involves major work (“Obra Mayor”), sometimes deadlines are lengthened because it’s necessary to process licenses at the town hall, which may take time to respond.

Our advice will help you have realistic expectations regarding your project, being totally honest about the success options given the requirements.

The feasibility of the project in regulatory matters is also analyzed in this phase.

Project Phase

Once the requirements have been agreed and the viability of the project approved in terms of budget, term and regulations, we will get started. Our architects, interior designers and engineers will analyze all the information in order to develop a project that fits your needs.

In case the request is complex, this phase may take a while, but don’t worry, before we get started, we’ll give you an estimated time-frame, so you know how long it will take us to finish the first proposal.

When the necessary documentation is ready, we’ll schedule a meeting with you. Here, we’ll present the project, waiting for your impressions. If there’s something to be modified, we’ll establish a new deadline to make these changes.

Here, the most important thing is that the project reflects your expectations. This is why we will not end this phase until we find the house of your dreams.

Once the project has been designed, we will prepare the necessary documentation to obtain the relevant authorizations.

Provider Selection

With the fully defined project we will go to our network of trusted providers. Only the companies and professionals that are committed to our strict standards of quality, punctuality and price are candidates to participate in this phase of the project.

In this phase, the owner doesn’t need to participate. However, restrictions or special requests are accepted. Thus, if the client requires it, part of the work can be delivered to the suppliers that are considered appropriate.

This phase will allow our approximate price to become a solid, definitive figure. It will also be used to estimate the execution time.

This is one of the most important phases for our project to be a success. It’s necessary that everyone obligations are 100% clear. That is why our legal team will be responsible for preparing contracts related to suppliers.

Although they are trustworthy providers, it’s better that everything is written down and that everyone is knowledgeable about their obligations.


Once all contracts are signed, and when all the necessary permits have been given, we’ll begin with the construction.

We’ll make sure that everything goes according to the plan. We’ll coordinate all the suppliers participating in the work, through daily visits and permanent communication with all of them, keeping them aware of how the work is progressing, so they know at any time when they should start doing their work.

Our software keeps monitoring the work-site, giving detailed information about the work, so we’re able to compare the current information with the work-plan, to be able to make decisions and to have you always informed.

The main objective is being able to develop the work with the least possible unforeseen events, anticipating all the problems that may appear and avoiding delays, always taking into account the delivery and execution deadlines of each of the suppliers.

If, during the course of the project, changes are made on the original idea, we’ll make a price/time estimate for that change, so you know its impact on the project. We’ll only apply these changes if they’re signed by the owner, making sure that they’re always accepted before they’re developed.


Once the work is finished, a receipt certificate will be issued, through which the work will be terminated.

In the event that an anomaly is detected in the final review with the owners, a correction period will be warranted. The acceptance certificate won’t be signed until you are completely satisfied with the final result.

From this moment onwards other complementary services can start such as maintenance or insurances, among many others.

Contact us, get your project started today.